the first scream
  • 3 Terrifying
    Scare Zones
  • Deadly Street
  • Chilling
    Live shows

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Horror Tips for those who Love to Scream

  • Don't wait for the scares to happen, just CUT your way through to the front of the screams and purchase an Express Line Pass.
  • Hell is waiting. Get through hells gate early. Some sins are forgiven
  • No Halloween masks or covering of your face is allowed.
  • Why do cemeteries have large fences? Because people are dying to get in, so purchase your tickets early.
  • No food or bottled drinks are allowed beyond Hell’s Gate. They will burn upon entry.
  • No recording equipment, cameras or mobile phones with cameras will be allowed within the scare mazes. If caught your SOUL will be ours.
  • No touching or mistreating of the scare characters within the scream park or within the haunted mazes. If you do you may lose your hand.
  • Beat the crowds. Beat the traffic by arriving early.
  • We recommend you to arrive before 6:00pm. Hell’s Gate will open 6pm sharp.
  • This event WILL sell out!
  • ALL PRE-TICKET SALES RECEIPTS MUST BE KEPT for proof of purchase to get Entry barcoded ticket. Pre-ticket sale purchase holders are to go to the pre-purchased ticket counter.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the entrance
  • Feel like driving – limited paid parking at site.
  • Once inside the Scream Park, go through Hell’s Gate and make your way through the old trees to start your terror adventure. The first scream you make could be your last.
  • Feeling hungry? Walk to the entertainment area for food and drinks or just bite your friends.